Green Lantern and Star Wars comics – the nerdiness shifts into high gear

So a twofer today.  For you guys.  Because I love you.

So today was apparently a big day for finales!  Comic book-related I mean.  though, come to think of it, I believe the American Idol finale is tonight too, and this was the week for season finales if I’m not mistaken.

So comic-wise, there were some on-going things. I picked up Action comics #901 –

Wait.  Sorry.  SPOILERS AHEAD.  Just in case.  I don’t think I have any comic-nerdy friends, but I might have one in the closet.

So where was I?  Oh, right –

Action comics #901 and it was pretty solid.  Obama in comic form asking for Superman was entertaining.  Mighty Thor #2 was also good.

Finales though.  Brightest Day wrap-up for Green Arrow.  Not as good as I’d hoped, but interesting.  Loved Brightest Day, but I seriously feel like Deadman got boned in the end.  He was way too awesome, and should not have been sent back to the start like he was.  I really liked him and Dove as an item too.  I did like Swamp Thing being the big surprise at the end, and the variant cover for Brightest Day #24 is both awesome and makes me think I should have seen it coming.  But now I would like some damn follow-up.  Aquaman, Hawkman, Firestorm, J’onn J’onzz?  Yes please.  ALL OF THE ABOVE.

War of the Green Lanterns is wrapping up (no pun intended for those who are following it), and it’s been interesting as well.  Not as exciting as Blackest Night and Brightest Day were, but a solid story for all that.  Definitely did NOT see them killing Mogo, but then again, they are supposed to be rebooting things after Flashpoint, so maybe they are really going crazy now but will fix some of it later.  Zombie John Stuart was neat too.  All in all, still very much loving all the GL books.

Kind of terrified the more I see film trailers though.  Why, oh WHY do they keep tacking on Ryan Reynolds shouting “Green Lantern’s LIGHT!” at the end, instead of leaving it with the first oath, the quieter one?  He sounds like he’s straining to take a poo, but he’s constipated.  Ce n’est pas bien.

Last wrap-ups were Star Wars: Legacy: War and Star Wars: Vader’s Lost Command.  Both excellent.  I am so sorry to see the Ostrander/Duursema team end.  They had an amazing series going and I think it could have gone further.  Not a totally unexpected ending, and not as epic as I think it could have been, but honestly – with all the shit George Lucas keeps messing with in the Star Wars universe – they did an awesome job.

Just need to finish getting the TPBs for that series.  #6 and the War TPB when it comes out.  So good.

Anyways, enough babbling.  I’m going to watch a Law & Order rerun.


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