Books and TV and movies

mmm… Adderall and Quaker Chewy Dip, washed down with Ginger Ale.  Breakfast of Champions.

Actually, since Grandpa Bernie is getting mad mentions in this blog (apparently) he used to say the same thing about a can of Budweiser.  King of beers, breakfast of champions.

So thank you to all the nice peoples who congratulated Eileen and I yesterday.  We’re both way excited to be having a small person.  Eileen probably has her own reasons, but for me, I’m mostly excited to see what sort of human being results from being raised by someone as nerdy as me and as not-at-all-nerdy as Eileen.

Oh, let the fun begin.

So completely shifting topics away from my percolating offspring, I’m re-reading Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice.  I read them years ago – them being the Vampire Chronicles, and not even all of them, though the main five books, and a couple others – along with the Mayfair Witches books.  I remember enjoying them at the time, and certainly Interview has been enjoyable so far, but I don’t find them as gripping as I seemed to the first go round.  I think the most interesting thing is seeing how different it the book is from the film, in a way I don’t think I appreciated when I read it the first time.  Being a much bigger, and faster reader now, things like that aggravate me in a way that I dismissed when I was in middle school.

Actually, I was figuring it out the other day, and I estimated I can read about a page a minute in most mass market paperbacks or trade paperbacks. I say most, because – as I’m sure any avid reader will tell you – some books are just more readable than others. I’m not talking about subject matter or genre. I mean font, font size, spacing on the page, etc. Some books are just easier to read. A great example is (once again, let me plug…) John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War. I own the TPB version, and love it.

Actually, I’m not sure if Lindsey will read this, but this may be another issue I have with the Game of Thrones TV show. As I posted on Facebook, I have a TPB copy of that too (actually the one pictured on the wiki page linked), and it is about 700 pages long. Divided into 10 episodes, that’s about 70 pages an episode. Seems like a lot of content.

But I can read it in about 70 minutes. Or watch it in 60. With the added depth of the book, not really much of a decision. Maybe that’s why TV bores me so badly. Though TV pacing (see Scalzi link above) is awesome. OMW has it and it makes the book un-put-down-able. Which is not a word, even with hyphens, but I’m making it one anyway.

On the topic of GoT, Matt Basheda – if you’re reading this – GO READ THAT FREAKING BOOK ALREADY.

Anyways, that’s enough of that today.  I’m thinking movies tomorrow.  Talking about them, watching them, that kind of thing.  Alright, later.


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