Babies and stories and new blogs

So I haven’t even used a blog like this since LiveJournal.  Yes, LiveJournal.  About a BILLION years ago.  Give or take.  Mostly right now I’m just playing with the WordPress site, and seeing how it works, but eventually I’ll get to posting something, likely offensive.  If not to you personally, then certainly to someone, and it will probably cause my wife some serious aggravation.

Which, considering she’s five months pregnant isn’t very nice of me.  She has back pain and wants to throw up a good portion of the time.  This is – I’m told – fairly normal.

As an aside, I’d like to take a minute and say thanks, God, for making me a boy.

So we’re having a boy!  His name’s going to be Ben, assuming it doesn’t turn out that he’s actually a girl, and not a boy at all.  It isn’t as common these days, but it’s happened to people we know.  I’m looking at you Debbie “Kevin” Mielo.

Actually, even just talking about that story gives me an idea for something to do on this blog.  I could always just write stories from my family on here.  They’re pretty good.  Most of them are my Grandfather’s (maternal grandfather, Grandpa Bernie), but a few are also my parents’ and even some other peoples too.

Or I could do as my mother has been asking me for several years and start writing/blogging my “book.”  We’ll see.  If I can find a good way to write it here, maybe that will be a different tag too.

So I made my quota for today!  Kind of.  Not at all.  I’m referring to an article by John Scalzi (who is the awesomest dude like EVAR) where he talks about writing 250 words a day for a year.  That’s 365 days.  And it adds up to 90,000 words, which is basically a novel.  So maybe I’ll give that a go.  It doesn’t take long.  Here’s the post for the lazy.

I’ll talk to you soon.  If anyone reads this but me.


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